Pharmacy prices too expensive?

This blog is about the prohibitively high cost of prescription drugs. I found that online pharmacies can save up to 90% on certain big dollar pharmaceuticals. In most cases online pharmacies can provide meds for less than your aggregate spend for drug plan co-pay and premium. Please seepersonal experience in the last paragraph.

There are currently over 40 million people who are uninsured or under insured and cannot affordprescription medications. Most of us have felt the pinch of health care expenses. It seems that we contribute more to our premiums and co-pays than ever before.

There are a half a million American’s falling out of the job market every month. Paying extend medical benefits is in many cases prohibitivly expensive if you loose your income. There is a large segment of the population that needs relief from the high cost of pharmaceuticals. I am offering a solution to the high cost of meds which will provide relief for this growing segment of the population.

I was introduced to online pharmacy savings by my father-in-law who used this avenue to manage his AARP-United Healthcare drug plan allowance.

There are considerations related to safety, purity and effectiveness that are insured by our FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

We all want safe and reliable pharmaceuticals. There are offshore supplier issues that concern each of us. We want to know that the source of our pharmaceuticals are regulated and inspected by proper authority.  This fits together in a complex relationship of vendor, supplier and regulator.

The upcoming health care reform legislation highlights the urgency of resolving some of the prohibitively high cost of services. The new legislation targets the insurance industry that controls healthcare delivery.  This implies the high cost of drugs will not be resolved by the new legislation. I believe there will continue to be price benefits to be gained by using online pharmacies. The cost of drugs will continue to be prohibitively expensive for millions of Americans.

I would like to close this article with a positive personal experience. These offshore suppliers are able to pass on mind boggling savings. They can produce FDA quality product for about five cents on the dollar. I will give two examples. First example: I ordered some generic product that was to be in tablet form and it came as a capsule.  My interest was being able to cut the tablet and get a more economical per pill cost.  I called and told the vendor’s representative, I was expecting a tab and got a cap. The representative said no problem we will send a replacement tab order. I enquired about returning the cap order. The representative said they were not expecting to have the incorrect cap order returned. Whew – I was impressed. I got to keep a double quantity for the price of one order. But I thought how can they do that?  The implication is that production costs must cover this eventuality. I don’t know the precise details but the message was clear. They can deliver meds at a dramatically reduced cost.  Second example: Some vendors offer a 20% coupon for initial order and a reorder price reduction of 10% or 20% more product.  So there is a pretty big margin some where. All this on top of a 90% lower price point than paid in the first world markets.  Think about that. – Wow!